The Sine of Pi – 2014 Pi Day Song Lyric Contest

The Sine of Pi


Lyrics by Eric McDowell
Music by Billy Joel
Sung to the tune of “The Longest Time”


Further than the negatives go on;
Less than every valid epsilon;
That’s where I find you,
You’re the only unsigned value.
My central figure, you’re the Sine of Pi.


You’re the fairest factor I can name;
You treat all real numbers just the same.
You’re the result of
Every product you’re a part of –
You send each number to the Sine of Pi.


While the others try to alter me,
You’re my additive identity.
That disallows you –
You won’t try to change my values.
I’m glad I’m added to the Sine of Pi.


No one noticed you at the start;
The traits of your heart
Are hard to impart.
Now we know the number that you are;
You’ve helped us come this far,
And you’re more than we hoped for.


Cruel divisors posing as my friend
Treat me like some common dividend.
But you won’t try to –
I can’t be divided by you;
There’s no one like you, you’re the Sine of Pi.


If you should subtract yourself from me
The difference you would leave
Would equal only me.
Should I take myself away from you,
That act would turn me into
My additive inverse.


When I write one-hundred-million-two
I use seven images of you.
Your lovely faces,
They all hold my empty places;
I fill those spaces with the Sine of Pi.